Q: Looking for the Best Courtroom Graphics and Trial Technology Providers?
A: Look Right Here.

M. Gerald Schwartzbach

When I need a Trial Presentation and Technology Consultant, I call Ted Brooks. In 2004 I was retained to represent the actor Robert Blake in his Los Angeles murder case. The case involved a mountain of documents, photographs and other evidence. Jury consultant Lois Heaney recommended that I contact Ted to see how he might be able to help. Ted came in and put all of the evidence into Summation and TrialDirector databases, enabling us to search, review and work with everything.This proved to be of great value both in preparing

for trial and during the trial. The result was a comprehensive understanding of the content of the evidence and how to access it. Ted was an integral part of the trial team in court and "the war room." His perspective was helpful in strategic discussions about the most effective way to present demonstrative evidence. Never before having utilized technology in trial, I was initially concerned that I would have difficulty in mastering it and that jurors would perceive it as an attempt to manipulate them. Thanks to Ted, I was able to try the case in the same fashion as I have for many years, but utilizing technology to make the evidence more understandable and interesting for the jury. Our presentation of a massive amount of evidence was more efficient and effective than the prosecution's "old school" presentation. Ted and I have now worked together on several cases, including the high-profile acquittal of organ transplant surgeon Dr. Hootan Roozrokh, whose case was featured on NBC's Dateline program. I believe that my clients deserve the best possible representation and that includes the services of Ted Brooks.

Fletcher Alford; Partner, Gordon & Rees LLP

My name is Fletcher Alford and I am a partner at the law firm of Gordon & Rees LLP in San Francisco. My litigation practice focuses on large, complex matters, including in particular class actions. I have used Ted and his company for trial presentation and graphics on multiple occasions and cannot recommend him highly enough. My last trial was an extremely complex and lengthy class action matter with many thousands of documents.

Ted and his team did an incredible job for us, coordinating with multiple defense firms, working literally around the clock on trial prep and graphics under intense pressure. He always kept his cool, was the consummate professional, was creative and energetic, and an absolute joy to work with. His courtroom demeanor was also of the highest caliber.

Bill Smith; Partner, Abramson Smith Waldsmith

Ted Brooks is simply the "best" at what he does. He is a pioneer in electronic trials. I started working with Ted a decade ago and our results have been phenomenal. He is the state of the art and he has freed me up to be a much more creative trial lawyer. He not only is technically superb but he is a great guy and jurors love him. It is like having a second wonderful client in the courtroom.

I cannot recommend Ted more highly. I will not try a case now without him.

Douglas Saeltzer; Partner, Walkup Melodia Kelly & Schoenberger

I hired Ted to handle the exhibits in a complex and difficult liability case against the State of California. Not only did he go above and beyond the call of duty with exhibits, his advice regarding all aspects of the trial was invaluable. The result was an eight figure verdict.

Hiring Ted was one of the best decisions I made in that case.

Robert Ebe; Partner, Cooper, White & Cooper

Ted worked with me on four back-to-back arbitrations that were very fast track. He was available 24/7, was extremely professional, organized our materials and presented them wonderfully, and had quite good advice during the hearings as they proceeded. He's great.

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